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Mental Health Facilities in Atlanta, Georgia

At our mental health facilities in Atlanta, our mission is help people reclaim their lives by teaching them to more effectively manage their mental health disorders in an outpatient setting that reflects the challenges of day-to-day living, re-establishing connections with life, love, family, friends, careers, goals, and self-esteem.

Recovery is within reach, let our caring team help you unlock your fullest potential.


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We offer several different outpatient mental health facilities in Atlanta Georgia. Each of our programs is designed to allow individuals to remain at home or in structured housing while seeking mental health treatment. We also provide different levels of care based on the individual’s needs.

Our Programs

Mental Health Programs in Atlanta

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP is the highest level of outpatient care for those seeking treatment for mental health & substance use disorders.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Atlanta IOP provides care and intensive monitoring for those in need of services related to depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

Our outpatient mental health rehab near Atlanta is the lowest level of care we offer, offering accountability and support to those struggling.

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At North Atlanta Behavioral Health, we believe in order to heal, you must do in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Our warm facility is filled with cozy furnishings, luxury amenities, and personalized care that considers each client’s needs.

No matter what type of mental health disorder you’re facing – our commitment remains the same: We will work together with you on a journey toward long-term recovery and well-being.

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Combatting The Stigma of Mental Health

Most people who suffer from mental illness have been blamed for their condition at some point in their lives. They’ve been discriminated against, called names, and at times have had their condition minimized and are told that they’re just “going through a phase.” This stigma causes individuals to feel shame for their disorder, and more importantly, prevents people from seeking the help they need. According to the National Institute on Mental Health, only half of people with mental health receive quality treatment.

We work tirelessly to educate our clients, their families, and the communities that mental illness is a brain disorder that must be treated professionally. Here’s what we do to combat this stigma:

When a client walks through our doors, they are not treated with shame, or discriminated based on their diagnosis, financial status, race, gender, or sexual identity. For too long, your mental illness may have been perceived as a “lack of willpower,” or “moral failing.” We understand that there are certain factors that have contributed to your mental illness and only empower our clients with compassionate, hope, and understanding.

At North Atlanta Behavioral, we believe that mental health disorders rely on a community who either unintentionally worsen illness or contribute to its recovery. We help families understand and learn how to effectively support someone with mental illness.

Often, the way we speak to ourselves creates a negative narrative of how we think about ourselves. Through evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, we help our clients change their automatic thoughts to reinforce and change thought patterns. 

Stigma thrives in isolation. By participating in an outpatient mental health program, you  can connect with others that are going through similar feelings, struggles, and create a support network that can create lasting change. 

Life is a series of traumatic events. When someone experiences emotional trauma, many try to deny it or repress it, rather than facing it, which can exacerbate or influence mental health disorders. At NABH, we acknowledge all of our clients as trauma survivors and utilize a trauma-informed approach regardless of diagnosis.

Our Dedicated Mental Health Staff

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Our qualified mental health specialists are determined to help you create new sustainable changes in your life. 

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